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A simple word-guessing game
Today, I was bored at work. Well, not exactly bored, but we experienced network disruptions throughout the day which meant I couldn't get much of my actual work done. I was thinking of playing a game to kill some time, but then I thought, why not jus...
2 December 2019
A few lesser-known Overwatch tips
Overwatch. Also known as the game your doctor advises you against playing because of its high sodium content. Whether you are someone who plays (and probably also streams) daily, or one who leaves random "dead game" comments on Facebook posts, or one...
overwatchgaming tips
21 July 2019
Creating spawnable health packs in Unreal Engine
Health packs are often a basic component of video games. While many games have a dedicated class of the type healer, whose main purpose is to heal other players, health packs are often found lying around regardless. The mechanic works in one of the f...
gaminggame developmentunreal
12 June 2019
Making a simple security camera with Unreal Engine
Security cameras have been used in video games for a very long time. One of the earliest uses of security cam/CCTV was in the 1987 release Metal Gear. As game engines and graphics became more powerful, security cams that transmit live (or recorded) f...
gaminggame developmentunreal
22 May 2019
Getting Started
Well, here it is, my very first blog post, on a site coded by me, practically from scratch (with the help of friendly neighborhood PHP and JavaScript frameworks, of course). I've always wanted to start a blog of my own, but it took me a long time to ...
17 March 2019
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